British-born illustrator and 12th generation inheritor of the unbeaten Sacred Golden Toad style, currently working out of Taiwan.

I specialise in storybook illustration, comic book art and character design, working traditionally with ink, paint and pen.


Right now, I'm working on an oriental fantasy adventure comic called...


Issue one will be ready when it`s ready - hopefully early 2017.


Until then, I can be found teaching illustration classes in my studio in Taichung, Taiwan or travelling around working on freelance projects like this:


If you want to see how it`s going, you can add me on Instagram, - that is if you don`t mind seeing my other sketches, projects and studio updates.

I don't really look like this, but I think I do.

By the way,


...and this:

I am always looking for new people to work with. If you have a project you'd like to talk about, email me at the address across -->

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Timezone: GMT+8


Line ID: fionnjordan